What exactly is an interactive photo booth?

An interactive photo booth is a photo booth with a live, trained photographer. No simple point-and-click timers here. Our photographers will make sure that we not only mimic the energy of the night, but also capture stunning photos that blur the line between photo booths and portrait sessions. Trust us, you'll love it!

Do you use a green screen or a solid color backdrop?

Both! If you want to look like you are in Egypt or Space we can take you there! We can work with you to create a custom background using our green screen and software. We can also use a colored or custom backdrop specific to your event. 


How far do you travel for an event?

While we're based in Los Angeles, The Headshot Truck can travel just about anywhere. Got a party in Florida? We've got you covered. Wedding in Connecticut? Check. Festival in Seattle? We'll be there (with umbrellas).

How do I get my photos delivered? 

You can receive your photos immediately by sharing on social media or emailing them to yourself from our photo kiosk. We can also deliver all of the photos taken at your event to the organizer who can send them to you. 

Do you do custom overlays, tints, or filters?

Absolutely! Our team will work with you in advance of your event to help design an overlay/logo, overall image look, and any filters needed to achieve them. We want your photos to be just as unique as your event is.