Booking Your Shoot

How do I book a session?

Click HERE to book and pre-pay for your session. Payments must be made in advance and in full. The Headshot Truck is a cashless truck.

How long does a Headshot Truck session last? 

A typical session aboard The Headshot Truck is an hour to shoot 2 looks; adding the make-up package adds an additional hour.

What if I only want 1 look? 

We offer 1 look shoots on our Express Days. Click HERE to see when the next one is! 

Where do you shoot? 

We shoot all over LA and Southern California. All makeup, wardrobe prep and photography action happens right onboard the truck. How cool is that?

What if I book a job or get sick? What happens in the event that I need to reschedule my session?  

In order to help keep costs down for everyone, we do not offer refunds. However, we will happily work with you to reschedule your session if a personal or family emergency arises.

We understand that sh#t happens. We request 48 hours notice. We offer one free reschedule before the 48 hours. No-shows and last minute (under 48 hours) non-emergency reschedules are subject to a $100 Not Cool Fee.

What is included with the make-up package? 

To offer the best available pricing, we've created a unique make-up package that fits the needs of the vast majority of our clients. Our make-up package includes about 1 hour with the make-up artist before the start of your session. The make-up artist will set you up with a solid foundation and your first look. 

If you'd like the make-up artist to stay for the entire shoot, or to apply different make-up looks during your shoot, you can upgrade the make-up package for an additional fee. Just drop us a line here.

Note: house call packages include the make-up artist for your entire session. 

Can I bring my own make-up artist? 

We do not work with outside make-up artists. However we have a staff of extremely talented make-up artists who work with our photographers and will work with you on all your looks. You, of course, are welcome to come make-up ready too!

What about hair? 

Our make-up artist will touch up your hair and do slight adjustments for you but please come hair ready for your shoot. If you aren’t comfortable doing your hair for the day, take advantage of places like DryBar that do a wash blowouts and style for $40 - they have locations all around town. We will touch up and make sure your hair looks great but at this time we don’t offer full styling.

Can I shave on the truck?

There is no running water on the truck. If you need to shave between looks we suggest you contact us about splitting your time over two sessions.

What clothing options should I bring? How many options? And do I need to have everything ironed? 

Clothing can make you feel great or miserable, as we all know!  So this is an important part of your shoot. However you don’t want the main focus to be what you’re wearing so keeping your choices simple in color, design, and texture is important too. 

Bring a variety (10-15) of tops, don’t discount options that might have odd necklines or even dresses! You know what colors work for you so have options that pop your eyes, skin, or hair color. Jewel tones, earth tones, and primary colors often shoot great. You should have a nice pair of jeans and darker pants just to have as an option. Men may want to bring jacket and tie options. Oh and for our pet clients feel free to bring collar options!

Please do have your pieces ironed, however we understand that wrinkling happens so we have a steamer for light touch ups in the truck!






Before and During Your Shoot

How do I prep for the shoot? Is there something I should be doing?

This is a great question and we are glad you know there is some prep work involved!  Your headshot is part of your business as an actor - it’s your number one marketing tool and we want it to be the best version of you it can be. This starts with you knowing how to market yourself. What roles do you go out for? What types do you fit?  What colors, textures, styles work best for you? 

Look at your past headshots and see if they represent the answers you just gave; if they don’t, think about what’s lacking in them. Looking through magazines (Vanity Fair , Vogue, etc.) or online at photos you like of actors you would group yourself with is a great way to get ideas for looks and styles. Discover what speaks to you about the shots and what you see in the images. Now think about bringing those thoughts and feelings to your shoot! A lot of what captures people is the eyes and, unlike your ability to move in front of a film or TV camera to convey emotions, your headshot will rely heavily on what we see you thinking about and feeling in your eyes! 

Of course it’s also very important you are comfortable with our photographers. Talk to us; if something isn’t feeling right, if you want to see how an adjustment might look just ask!  We are here to help and work with you.

Is there anything specific I should/should not do the week/night before my shoot? 

Your shoot day should be relaxing and fun so that you get the most out of it! To help make things a little easier, here are some of our thoughts: 

Have your wardrobe options out and ready a day before so that you aren’t rushing on shoot day. Allow extra time to get to u;, nobody likes how they feel after rushing in LA traffic! 

If you decide to have a facial, haircut, or extra something before your shoot we recommend doing it at least a week prior as sometimes your face can stay irritated for days after the appointment before the glow appears. 

Drinking lots of water is a great way to keep your skin looking fresh and of course try your best to get a goodnight sleep the night before! 

See our “How To Prep” question above for more specifics on getting the most out of your headshot session.

What if I'm early/late? 

We schedule a full day of shoots and we want to give everybody our full attention while they are on board. We will have a seating area where you can wait until we are ready to start your session if you arrive early. Unfortunately, if you are late, it will only cut into your own session time. We don’t offer refunds for missed sessions.

What do I do with all my stuff when I get there? 

Once you arrive, we have a rack for hanging clothes that you can use. Place your selections on the rack and while you are having make-up done our photographers can go through choices with you. We are a truck, with limited space so we ask that you please do not bring pets (we will absolutely look at pictures of them!) or extra people along to your shoot. Please see our “What clothing options should I bring?” question for specifics.

What kind of lighting do you use? 

All our shots are done inside the truck. We use studio lighting.

Can I listen to music? 

You can absolutely make a playlist to have on during your session if that will helps you! We also have Pandora and Spotify on the truck and can provide a great soundtrack for you. 

How can I make sure I'm getting what I need during a session? 

This has a lot to do with your prep work. Know what you want your headhsots to say and of course talk to our photographers. We are great at taking pictures but, much to our disappointment, have yet to master reading minds!  Tell us before and during what you want, what’s working, what you hope we are seeing in the shots etc etc..

We have a large monitor in the shooting gallery so that you can see your photos in real time. This will help make sure you get "the one".

After Your Shoot

Will I get a CD? What resolution photos do I get? 

CDs are so 1997. All your photos will be delivered digitally to you 3-5 business days after your shoot. You'll receive every photo in an email with a password protected link to your online gallery and instructions on how to download them all in different sizes: low res for online use (Casting Frontier, LA Casting, etc.) and high res for printing.

What is the next step after my session is done?

First, congratulate yourself on rocking your headshot session. Second, wait for our office to contact you with your photos. Since we color correct every single image, this often takes 3-5 business days.

Do you guys offer retouching? 

Yes! While color correction and reframing are included in your package, retouching is not. We have an amazing retoucher who offers her services for $30/image or 3 images/$80. You can purchase retouching here.

What is retouching and how is it different from color correction and framing? 

Color correction helps balance the colors in your images to really make them (and your eyes) pop! We make sure whites are white and reds are reds. Reframing helps correct off-balance photos. Retouching, on the other hand, is used to conceal blemishes, remove stray hairs, etc..

Do you do parties or corporate headshots?

Absolutely! For more info on our parties, click here. For more info on corporate packages, click here.