How long do the sessions last?

Headshots typically take about ten minutes per person, per look. However, this could vary depending on the package type. 

How many photos are taken per person?

Each look captures between 15-60 photos per person, depending on the package type. See Packages for more info and specifics. 

How many people can you shoot?

Hundreds! We can shoot anywhere from 1-1,000. We offer group pricing with as few as 5 people. Our producing team will work with your company to plan out the shoot day(s) in order to accommodate all the employees needing shots.

How does my staff prepare for the shoot?

Check out our Corporate Shoot Tips list; it's got everything you need to prep.

What is a "look"? And how many can we do?

In a nutshell, a look is one outfit/backdrop combination. If someone is interested in 2 looks, say, they might do one formal (in a suit) and one casual (in a polo). We offer 1, 2, and 3 look packages.

Can we pick our color backdrop?

Yes. Typically, the contact at your company selects the style of the photos in advance. This often locks in a background color(s) for the shoot. The company contact can choose their background color(s) in advance of the shoot. We bring a few extra colors with us just to be safe.





What is the day of the shoot like?

We create a stress free, fun environment. Even the camera shy will have a great time! Our Testimonial Page is full of examples of happy companies. The Headshot Truck and its awesome crew will arrive 1 hour prior to the first scheduled portrait session. Depending on the arrangement, the team will either shoot inside the cutting edge mobile photography aboard the truck (that's right, it's an entire studio on wheels) or inside your office.  We'll provide you with a schedule template ahead of time, that way everyone is assigned a specific call time. That makes it an efficient, hassle-free shoot. 

Whether we're on the truck or in your office, the crew brings a monitor with them so that people can view their photos in real time. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments right away and ensures that everyone walks away happy with their photos. For shoots inside an office, all we need is a place to plug in our lights and a WiFi network to connect to.

How are photos delivered? What sizes do we get?

All photos are delivered to the company contact via digital downloads and a shareable online gallery. Each photo taken is delivered in two sizes: low res for online use and high res for printing. All photos are delivered in JPEG format; raw files are not delivered to client.

Do we really get all the photos you take during the shoot?

You bet! We believe in total transparency. No nickel and dime-ing like other corporate photographers.

Is color correction included in the package?

Yes. Every photo is re-framed and color corrected prior to delivery.

How about re-touching?

Our Like A Boss and Make It Rain Packages include retouching. Otherwise, re-touching is available on a photo by photo basis at an additional cost.

Do you provide hair and/or make-up?

Our Make It Rain Package include the services of our make-up artist for light touch-ups (blemish concealment, powderding, stray hairs, etc.). Full service make-up and hair is available at an additional cost. Contact our team for pricing.

Do you do group photos?

Yes! We can do live group shots or composite group shots. Check out the Packages Page for more info on our digitally composited group photos!