Corporate Parties/Events

We can turn The Headshot Truck into an interactive photo booth experience for corporate parties and events. We will bring our big pink truck to your location and our professional photographer will take amazing photos of your office staff and guests. We can brand each photo with your company logo, send the high and low resolution images to you, print photos, and even post them to social media on the spot. 

We can also shoot corporate or professional LinkedIn portraits for your company, guests, and attendees.  This is perfect for conferences, holiday parties, launch parties, open houses, and conventions! 

Corporate Neighborhood Days

If you work out of a shared workspace or your office has independent contractors, we can create a Corporate Express Day for your building! We will create a digital flyer, email, and URL that can be posted and emailed to the whole office that gives everyone the opportunity to pay for their shots individually.  Just click the URL that will take you to a page where you can purchase and schedule your session! Check out our current Neighborhood Days open to everyone by clicking here.