What to Expect

Your staff will simply climb aboard the truck, we will help choose a colored backdrop, adjust lighting, and we will take 20-60 shots for each person (depending on the package). Everyone can see their photos in real time on our monitor that way they leave the truck knowing we got a shot they'll love, and we will email access to the photos to a contact person at your company or deliver them individually to each person.

Every photo we take is color corrected PLUS we give you every image we take, which very few other photographer do. This sets us apart from other photographers who only give you one image of your choice. With us you can download or print your images as you wish. We provide the images in multiple sizes that way you can select which size you need for what platform. You will have hi-resolution (print) and low resolution (web) formats included for each image.

Check out this Corporate Shoot Tips for preparing for your shoot. 

Why Choose The Headshot Truck

We are the premier mobile portrait studio in the country. We provide high quality images with a knowledgeable and talented staff that will make your employees feel at ease while capturing their professional brand that represents them as individuals and you as a company. This is evident in the finished photos. 

  • Our studio is completely self contained within the truck, which means there is no outside set up needed. (We park outside your office)
  • Our quality can't be beat. A lot of other corporate photographers create portraits that look like they were done at Sears. That's so not us. We have modern sensibilities, and it's very obvious in our work.
  • Our professionalism and customer service is top notch; that's what most clients appreciate about our work (in addition to the actual photos).
  • Convenience - we're not in the way! And it's super efficient!
  • Our photographers are specially trained to not only handle the camera, but also the client. They have a unique skill to put people instantly at ease and to capture their spirit, sans awkwardness. The entire process is FUN, and it actually makes people look forward to portrait days.
  • We will work with your team prior to the shoot to help develop a specific look for all the portraits - this is achieved through tweaks to lighting, client position, background color, and image tint pre-sets. This allows us to create a look unique to your company's brand image.